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Hello and Welcome To My Website….

Hi I am John Zay: Vocalist, Musician, Producer & Blogger. I also consider myself a Shamanic Explorer, Plant Medicine Advocate, Lucid Dreamer, Passionate Traveler and Surfer whenever possible. I am currently in New York where I was born and also lived in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Hamburg & most recently Sagres, Portugal.

I write my own story. I create my own reality. I believe this is an exciting time of total freedom, a renaissance in music and art. Our stories can be told by each one of us on our own terms. I chose on where, when and how to present what I do, in what format to present it in and at what length that format will be.

My music and ideas exist right here for you. They can be blasted or set in the background….read, shared or reposted….covered, remixed or just there to inspire. I am throwing you the possibility of an experience that is ultimately your own & this is how I can best serve you....