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  • Shadows (Official Video)
  • Wanderlust (featuring Angelo Moore
  • Mind
  • Alive (Acoustic Pearl Jam Cover on the Roof)

Hello and Welcome To My Website….

Rock Music That Brings You On A Psychedelic Spiritual Journey....

Hi I am John Zay: Vocalist, Musician, Producer & Blogger. I also consider myself a Shamanic Explorer, Plant Medicine Advocate, Lucid Dreamer, Passionate Traveler and Surfer whenever possible. I am currently in Delray Beach, Florida and also lived in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Germany & most recently Sagres, Portugal.

I write my own story. I create my own reality. I believe this is an exciting time of total freedom, a renaissance in music and art. My music and ideas exist right here for you. They can be blasted or set in the background - read or reposted - covered, remixed or just there to inspire. I am throwing you the possibility of an experience that is ultimately your own. This is how I can best serve you....

  1. Shadows John Zay 4:30
  2. Wanderlust (Single) John Zay 4:10
  3. Mind's Eye John Zay 3:45
  4. Eshu Amania (Extended Remix) John Zay 8:00