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Just Released: 'Wanderlust' shot at "the end of the world" in beautiful Sagres, Portugal
'Shadows' from my upcoming album directed by Alex Engel
Shadows is visceral. From the video’s opening frame John Zay’s stare has you locked in. His face proceeds to transform into a host of Shadow figures representing the parts of ourselves we want to deny within ourselves. The soul which hasn’t been nurtured that can lead to turmoil within and chaos without. The unanswered dreams that leave many disenfranchised and sometimes worse. Shadows is an anthem for the unseen within ourselves and the ones that are let down by a society trying to pin them into a mold. These are the ones for whom a Shadow falls on the soul…

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I'm John Zay

Vocalist, Musician, Producer & Blogger, I make Alternative-Progressive Rock Music meant to bring you on a Psychedelic Spiritual Journey. I also consider myself a Shamanic Explorer, Lucid Dreamer, Passionate Traveler and Longboard Surfer whenever possible. I am currently in Brooklyn NY and have also lived in Los Angeles CA, Hamburg Germany & most recently Sagres Portugal. Coolest Place Ever!!!

“John Zay is a superb guitar player, lyricist & vocalist as well. I’m a believer and you should be too!”
-Angelo Moore of Fishbone