Music For Mystics...
With An Edge

Alternative-Progressive Rock Artist
John Zay from New York

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“John Zay is a superb guitar player, lyricist & vocalist as well. I’m a believer and you should be too!” - Angelo Moore of Fishbone  

Vocalist, Musician, Producer and Blogger, I make Alternative-Progressive Rock Music meant to bring you on an Epic Spiritual and Emotional Journey. I also consider myself a Shamanic Explorer, Lucid Dreamer, Passionate Traveler and Longboard Surfer whenever possible. I am from and currently in NY I've also lived and performed in Los Angeles CA, Hamburg Germany and Sagres Portugal. Coolest Place Ever!!!

“I literally was impressed by what was pumping from my speakers! John Zay has a vocal quality that would mix well in any progressive rock outfit. All of the songs stay well grounded without becoming pretentious. This is just good rock music, and not the standard fare being offered the masses.” - The Phantom Tollbooth 

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