Have you discovered your roots?

Last month I got a chance to work with the awesome Director Alex Engel in Brooklyn. We spent about a week brainstorming ideas for a new unreleased song of mine called “Shadows”. The song is deep – it touches upon the violence and disenfranchisement in our society. I knew the video had to be strong yet subtle so I waited for the right opportunity to shoot it. Alex nailed it without being over the top with the message. Here is a still from the shoot….stay tuned for the release:-)

Now I’d like to share something cool with you….

I’m pursuing dual citizenship with Italy. I hired a genetic tracer and got ready for a logical project. Boy was I wrong…….it’s been an adventure. Each discovery is opening up fantastic glimpses into my lineage.

BTW I’m related to Michelangelo (….well not that one!)

Not only did I find my great grandparents documents I found out what streets they lived on, the names of their relatives & their professions. How about a pig farmer in Italy, a tailor, a seamstress, realizing where everyones first names come from, ages when they met, how many kids they had….I got information as far back as my great, great, great grandfather – Michelangelo Maschio from Forio, Italy on the island of Ischia!

Why am I sharing this – cause I highly recommend it! I put off researching this for one day in the future but I wish I’d done it sooner. The process has opened my eyes and brought me on a cool adventure of embracing the elements of who we are as a family….

The Family In NY circa the mid-1930’s:

So do you have any cool ancestry discovery stories? I’d love to hear them in the Comments Below!


John Zay

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