The Beauty of Not Knowing…..Leads To A Gift

Have you ever had the chance to stop everything and just be. What would it feel like if you weren’t obsessing over what you had to do? Would that mean you’ve arrived at your destination? Can you even remember what that looks like?

A wise woman once said to me, “Go where the energy is”.

I’ve been back in New York several weeks now and when people ask me ‘what’s next’ I give them one answer: “I don’t know”. Many people dread saying “I don’t know”, like there is some hidden shame attached to it. But to me it is truly a blessing, a luxury….a relief. That is not to say I don’t believe in having a direction, but what I am after is a feeling. A feeling I can generate from that only allows for logic to come into play after a vision has emerged.

Are we “doing” while we are “being”?

Having just come from a part of Portugal where people go to unwind and relax I noticed one remarkable thing: people are having a harder time unwinding and relaxing. It is possible that as we get even more technologically connected that taking a vacation may evolve into engaging a mindset of “being”. That is potentially good news for your wallet but not always good for your ego……which always wants a master plan…..with something important to do.

There is a beauty in ‘being’ that is often overlooked in our overly ‘doing’ lifestyles.

Sometimes when we are always living in our heads the most fruitful opportunities can pass us right by. So I’ve been opting to be more present with everyone I encounter. I want to engage their essence with mine without running through the script of what I have to do over and over in my head…..I mean what are we ‘doing’ it all for, isn’t it to find the time and space to be? It seems the less I plan the more opportunities come.

The Gift is in the Giving.

You may be asking “where is this all leading John?” to which I’d respond “to a free gift”. “Mind’s Eye, my latest album, is out now ’til the end of the year for free. The album is ‘name your price’ which means it can be downloaded free and best of all it can given as a gift to as many people as you like. See the pic below:

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 11.10.42 PM

There will be an option to leave a note and have it mailed right to someone’s inbox. I could be your perfect last minute holiday gift center – how easy! Send it to as many people as you like….But definitely do it now because after the new year the free download option will be over.

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Peace & Happy Holidays,

John Zay

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